Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not The Name On My Driver’s License

I’m a dual personality, well more than a dual but this will cover my writing world. I “fell” into non-fiction writing about fifteen years ago. I volunteered to try my hand at review writing, column poll-taking, copy editing, and article writing. These were all new adventures for me and they “fit” me as Christine Irene Speakman…my married name.

Motherhood came and I took a break from my new writing world. Didn’t take too long before I found my way back. However, my life-long fiction writing was calling me and with a few pushes from mentors, I answered.

Since I was a baby…mesmerized GREEN EGGS AND HAM at age three…books and their worlds were my passion. My greatest habit. Mom and Dad never said no to a book.

But, books don’t write themselves, authors do. And, authors have names. But, what was my name? I had one identity for my fictional worlds, but she was…I thought…behind me, someone I no longer was, no longer recognized as, not gone but no longer the major “me”.

There’s a saying — no matter where you go, there you are. No matter where or when I write a fictional world, I’m there. Me. The three year-old reciting GREEN EGGS AND HAM. The young girl/teen reading three and four NANCY DREWs each weekend. The imagination acting out in each favourite television show.

There is no other name for these works than the person I was born as: Christine Irene Steeves

My mother-in-law recently asked/remarked about this and when I told her, she understood. More importantly, my husband understands. My daughter understands.

When a certain “hot” story is finally written, another name will appear…the personality few will recognize as me ;)