Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You - P&E Readers' Poll

The final tallies are in and I would like to say Thank You to all who have participated and Congrats to all who placed.

Midnight Find Short Story Romance: tied for 9th
Midnight Find Book/eBook over Artwork by Suzannah Safi: tied for 18th
Christine Irene Steeves Author: tied for 15th
Book/eBook Editor Christine I Speakman: tied for 20th
ChrisChat Reviews, Review Site: tied for 13th

Publishing Homes:

MuseItUp Publishing: 2nd place
4RV Publishing: tied for 6th

Again, my thanks to all. Keep writing

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weaving Life

I've mentioned how writing gives voice to my internal emotions, feelings, thoughts, and screams...well, not sure I mentioned screams, but it's there, too. Life and its events also find their outlet in writing.

For a writer, this writer, fingers pounding the keyboards is my release. Whatever has happened in whatever aspect of my life, at some point, it will be weaved into my writing. Maybe not, most likely not, the same exact happening, but the emotions. This writer stores the emotions, actions, words, situations in memory cells to be dipped into.

The best part of any reading is when you lose yourself in that fictional world...same could be said for non-fiction, but I'm talking fictional today. How do you lose yourself? It's because the world, any genre, is real to you. Some aspect of that world strikes a cord within in, pulls you in, because it feels real.

Writers are not magicians. We're not all-seeing, all-knowing, masters of the human being. We're observers. We're note takers. We do study and store away human behaviour in order to use it when we finally write the lives our characters are screaming in our heads. To make a made up character alive, we need to know what makes a live person, alive. Desires, needs, anger, rage, love, hatred, passion, greed, selfishness, self-giving, shy, outgoing, everything.

Just as we would need to know what poison will kill without leaving a trace. Or, what a rifle sounds like. Does it snow in Hawaii? Is it possible for bird poop to fuel a spaceship?

We research as needed. Life is our greatest tool. Not that I've ever poisoned anyone, or fired a rifle. Pretty sure it doesn't snow in least I don't think it does on a normal basis. Bird poop for fuel? Hey, who knows, day. Writing isn't easy, we just make it seem that way.

Thanks again for dropping by. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm not a master of knowledge on writing, but what I've learned, absorbed, and experienced is there to share.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Continue Writing

Hello, again.

Okay, so every time I say/type/read that I hear Neil Diamond. Yes, mom woke me up many a teenage summer morning with him playing on the stereo. Funny how words and phrases trigger memories.

But that's for another, imagination, and writing. This is how a writer's mind sometimes works, one idea just flows into another into another and then way off in different directions.

There are times when writing isn't easy. We back our heads against mental steel walls. We're rejected time and time and time again. We are told just as many times...oh, you must have it easy just sitting and writing out stories. Then there are the another much do you make? When will you get a real job? Oh, you're STILL writing.

If I haven't totally depressed you or driven you away, drop over at MuseItUp's blog where I share a little more about why I continue to write...not so depressing.

Thanks and have a great weekend

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Preditors and Editors Nominations

Happy New Year and here's to all dreams coming true in 2012

The start to this year, for me, are the Preditors and Editors nominations. This Reader driven poll started December 24th and will end January 9th. Below are the areas I am nominated along with MIDNIGHT FIND's Editors, Cover Designer and Publishing.

Here we are:

I hope you'll take a moment and check out all the nominations.

Thanks and again...Happy 2012