Monday, August 31, 2015

Roaming Idea: Photo Prompt

This is your photo prompt

If you write and are like me just the sight of a notebook, paper, pen, computer screen can send you off on wild ideas.

So, here's your prompt this notebook.

Get writing.


What are Roaming Ideas?

...random writings from now back to teen years
...writings free of editing and second looks
...pumps to my creative well
...shut downs and locking away of the critical mind

 What are Overly Done Paragraphs?

...more description then is ever needed
...snapshots of possibilites

What are Dear Diary?

...inserting myself into a fictional character, where does the path take me

Friday, August 28, 2015

Reviewer Time: Why I read/review Science Fiction

Science and Fiction all in one

I've found Science Fiction to be the genre some are reluctant to admit they read. It seems to be more than hidden genre, even more than horror/dark fiction.


Because it can be seen as either too techie and dry or too campy. Both fit the genre perfectly. You can have your dry techie science fiction stories and escape to an advanced age or travel back to somewhere simpler. Either way there's science in there drawing your mind to its logic. 

Science fiction can make you think. Think about whether or not something fictional could ever be made real...think Star Trek gadgets. Sure, it's a television show, but somewhere there was the idea on paper before the visual.

And we're talking. Over the top adventures to outer and inner space. Visitors from other worlds. The battle between science and magic.

And then everything in-between. You know, I think explore is a better word than escape for science fiction.

Oh, but watch out the for argument: SF, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction. Which do you prefer?

Here's something to visit: 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reader Time: Why so many books

it's calling me


You dare ask a bookaholic that question????

Wait? You mean you don't have that many books waiting for you?

Are you okay?

How can you limit yourself to only a couple of books? ONE? Who are you? Tell me you're not one of those who...gasp...don't read.

Nope, can't deal with that right now. Let's at least talk more than...oh heavens I don't know. Never had to think that low. I'm stumped.

Okay, moving on...

What do you do if you start craving a mystery and only have a romance? Or need a dose of fantasy between the non-fictions.

Let alone a good science fiction when done reading a family/child/ya story.

I'd be lost without my choices. do read more than one at a time, right?


That's...well...that's like only watching one television show or one movie. Or the same song only. Eating the same meal every meal...oh, wait. Yeah, forget that example

I see I'm going to have to start giving How To Be A Reader lessons.

Lesson number one...go count your TBR pile (you don't know what that means? Oyyyy...To Be Read pile) and if it's under, oh, say (dang there's that needing a number again)  twenty-five go straight to your favourite online vendor or local bookstore and buy ten more ebooks or books.

Oh, forget that...get at least ten more of each format. Need to get you jump started.

Go on...get know where to find me when you're done.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Editor Time: When your author dies

Looking over my posts for this month, one could say I've been a tad tough. Call it what you will, but everything I do, I do because I care and want the best for every author I have the pleasure of working with and know.

Which is why it hurts and leaves me empty when I hear someone I've worked so closely with...or just been a part of a publishing home family...dies.

No, no one has recently passed away. I've just come across some names during a database clean up. People who have crossed my path and made me smile. Even when we argued there were still smiles. Even now there's a certain editor who I know would have shuddered and fought over some submissions, but who was just as passionate about what we do as I am, as any of us are. 

There have been illness and accidents. Every one of these still a shock to the heart.

Thankfully, there have been illnesses fought and won.

Our cyber connection is as real as any physical interaction. Really, our cyber lives have expanded and contracted the world around. We've been brought into each other's homes from miles away and from next door.

We've shared our dreams coming true. We've shouted successes and wished happy birthdays to people who would normally have been strangers. We've cyber hugged over sorrows and sent good thoughts in times of need.

Whatever life has to bring we're forever connected. 

This above all else is why I do what I do.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep smiling


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poetry Starts: Eyes

I can be creepy


Eyes following my movements
Eyes constantly tracing my path
Eyes in the dead of night
Eyes forever watching me
Dead and glowing eyes
Eyes full of blackness
Fearless eyes
Hungry eyes
Whose eyes are they


 What is Poetry Starts?

...poems and prose from now back to teen years
...remembering a first writing love
...pumping the creative well yet again
...silencing the internal critic

Monday, August 24, 2015

Roaming Ideas: Overly Done Paragraphs

I think I killed him.  He is just lying there.  The base of the statue is smeared with fluid and what appears to be hair.  I don't want to look too closely but I think is skull is caved in upon the left side.  I hadn't meant to hit him that hard.  If only he had left everything alone.  Now what was I to do? 


What are Roaming Ideas?

...random writings from now back to teen years
...writings free of editing and second looks
...pumps to my creative well
...shut downs and locking away of the critical mind

 What are Overly Done Paragraphs?

...more description then is ever needed
...snapshots of possibilites

What are Dear Diary?

...inserting myself into a fictional character, where does the path take me

Friday, August 21, 2015

Reviewer Time: Why I read/review Mystery

what mysteries do these hide

You mean you don't?

Haven't I mentioned Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys enough, yet?

This is THE genre folks. What's better than a mystery? It's the best genre to mix with every other genre out there.

Even non-fiction can be packed with mysteries...think your history retellings.

Sherlock Holmes...Pirot...Maple...Scooby.

Nothing better than a mystery. Dang, I can't even find anymore words. Mystery is just...the best.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reader Time: Readying to read

could curl up here right now
Yes, there is a process before I can sit comfortably and lose myself in reading.

First there's the gathering of my eReaders. Hey, who knows which screen I want for my eyes or which book I'm going to pull up. ebook is a book, so book is interchangeable with ebook. Hey, no arguing with me, we're talking books and I know books.

Then I gather a couple of paper books, yes I still read those. Sadly, I move my cell phone and normal phone over to the corner cause you know the child or someone will call just as I get snuggled down and I hate getting up from that position.

Let's not forget drinks and any nibbles. And a blanket if it's a little cool. 

Now get the light just right...or a clip light...or adjust the screen's light. Are my glasses clean? 

All set.

Oh, wait. I forgot my notebook and pen for those books I'll be writing reviews for later.

Now, I'm all set.

Shhhh, reader at work.