Friday, February 3, 2017

Reviewer: Pet Peeve – Repeating myself

How many ways are there to say I loved this book…I enjoyed the story…interesting…intriguing…didn’t mix…fits well into the series…needed a bit more work?

Not enough ways, trust me.

Just as we readers get tired of over-repeating of phrases, storylines, words, you name it, I’m tired of repeating my same phrases when writing a review.

The most common reason a review, by me, is delayed…I don’t know what to say without coming across like a parrot.

Specially, if the book is part of a series. Heck, even if not with a series and just same author.

I wish I could just say…enjoyed it, high rating.

But, who wants to read that as a review? It doesn’t tell me a dang thing about the book or why it was enjoyed. Heck, I’ve read that line for books that, well, yeah, anything more and I’ll just be being mean…think you can read between those words.

If you think I’m sounding like a parrot in any review, know this…I know I do, but am fighting not to. Then again, parrots aren’t all that bad.

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