Thursday, March 9, 2017

Reader: Your website

Remember when we all played with the same box of crayons? Red was red and lime-yellow was lime-yellow.

Now our computers have their own shades and they haven’t decided on what that shade should be.

The colour combination on your large monitor may look clear, but once shrunk to a small tablet or phone screen and you have splatter-wash.

The worse is reading words through a picture – yes, a personal problem on one of my sites. Given it’s way down the side menu, well, I’m waiting it out.

Or is the worse bouncing letters floating on the screen, to the point of lost readability?

Take the time to gather input from friends on what they see. How they like what they see. Look at your website on various screen sizes. And don’t forget to let your readers know the site is under construction…get their input.

Remember one pet peeve – too frequent a change can lose your viewers. We’re creatures of habit and when looking for info, we want it where it’s always been.

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